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Root growth and spatial distribution characteristics for seedlings raised in substrate and transplanted cotton PLoS One,2017,12(12):e0190032 韩迎春*,李亚兵*,王国平,冯璐,杨北方,范正义,雷亚平,杜文丽,毛树春
Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions of chemical fertilizer types in China′s crop production Journal of Cleaner Production,2017,141:1267-1274 王占彪#,陈静#,毛树春,韩迎春,李亚兵*
Estimating light interception using the color attributes of digital images of cotton canopies Journal of Integrative Agriculture,2017,16(7):1474-1485 韩迎春,李亚兵*,王国平,冯璐,范正义,杜文丽,杨北方,毛树春*
Effects of plant density on cotton yield components and quality Journal of Integrative Agriculture 2016,15(7):1469-1479 支晓宇,韩迎春,李亚兵,王国平,杜文丽,李小新,毛树春,冯璐*
Study on Light Interception and Biomass Production of Different Cotton Cultivars PLoS One,2016,11(5):e0156335 毛树春,韩迎春,冯璐,王国平,杨北方,支晓宇,范正义,雷亚平,杜文丽,李亚兵*
Spatial distribution of light interception by different plant population densities and its relationship with yield Field Crops Research,2015,184:17-27 薛惠云,韩迎春,李亚兵*,王国平,冯璐,范正义,杜文丽,杨北方,毛树春*
Yield and economic performance of the use of GM cotton worldwide over time- A review and meta-analysis

China Agricultural Economic Review,2014,6(4):616-643

Light Spatial Distribution in the Canopy and Crop Development in Cotton PLoS One,2014,9(11):e113409 韩迎春,毛树春,王国平,冯璐,杨北方,范正义,杜文丽,芦建华,李亚兵
Motion analysis and optimization on ejection mechanism of air-suction tray seeder
Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultual Engineering,2010,26(6):124-128
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