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Overexpressed BRH1, a RING finger gene, alters rosette leaf shape in Arabidopsis thaliana Science China Life Sciences,2017,60:1-9 葛晓阳,张朝军,杨作仁,李付广*,张雪妍*
Genome-wide analysis of the HD-ZIP IV transcription factor family in Gossypium arboreum and GaHDG11 involved in osmotic tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2017,292:593-609 张雪妍#,杨召恩#,杨作仁,张朝军,孔德培,李付广*
ccNET: Database of co-expression networks with functional modules for diploid and polyploidy Gossypium Nucleic Acids Research,2017,45,D1090-D1099 张雪妍,赵新华,李付广*
Genome-wide comparative analysis of H3K4me3 profiles between diploid and allotetraploid cotton to refine genome annotation Scientific Reports,2017,7:9098 张雪妍,李付广*
Genome-wide identification and characterization of SnRK2 gene family in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) BMC Genetics,2017,18:54 葛晓阳#,杨作仁#,张朝军,刘记,张雪妍*,李付广*
Molecular evidence for the involvement of a polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein, GhPGIP1, in enhanced resistance to Verticillium and Fusarium wilts in cotton Scientific Reports,2017,7:39840 张雪妍,李付广*
Identification of CkSNAP33, a gene encoding synaptosomal-associated protein from Cynanchum komarovii, that enhances Arabidopsis resistance to Verticillium dahlia PLoS One,2017,12(6):e0178101 张雪妍,李付广
Necrotizing Activity of Verticillium dahlia and Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Vasinfectum Endopolygalacturonases in cotton Plant Disease,2017,101:1128-1138 张雪妍,李付广*
The crosstalk between Target of Rapamycin (TOR) and Jasmonic Acid (JA) signaling existing in Arabidopsis and cotton Scientific Reports,2017,7:45830 张雪妍#,张朝军,杨作仁,李付广*
Functional Characterization of Cotton GaMYB62L, a Novel R2R3 TF in Transgenic Arabidopsis PLoS One,2017,12(1):e0170578 Hamama Islam Butt,Zhaoen Yang杨召恩,Eryong Chen,Ge Zhao,Qian Gong, Zuoren Yang杨作仁,Xueyan Zhang张雪妍*,Fuguang Li李付广*
GaMYB85, an R2R3 MYB gene, in transgenic Arabidopsis plays an important role in drought tolerance BMC Plant Biology,2017,17:142 杨召恩,葛晓阳,张雪妍*,李付广*
Genome-wide analysis of WOX genes in upland cotton and their expression pattern under different stresses BMC Plant Biology,2017,17:113 杨召恩#,秦文强#,杨作仁,鲁丽丽,葛晓阳,张朝军,李付广*
A novel GhBEE1-Like gene of cotton causes anther indehiscence in transgenic Arabidopsis under uncontrolled transcription level Gene,2017,627:49-56 张朝军,杨作仁,葛晓阳,李付广,张雪妍*
Genome-Wide Identification of the MIKC-Type MADS-Box Gene Family in Gossypium hirsutum L. Unravels Their Roles in Flowering Frontiers in Plant Science,2017,8:384 杨召恩,鲁丽丽,李付广*,杨作仁*
Screening and chromosome localization of two cotton BAC clones Frontiers in Plant Science,2017,8:384 杨召恩,鲁丽丽,李付广*,杨作仁*
Prediction of VIGS efficiency by the Sfold program and its reliability analysis in Gossypium hirsutum Science Bulletin,2016,61(7):543-551 葛晓阳#,张朝军#,王倩华,杨作仁,杨召恩,王晔,鲁丽丽,张雪妍,李付广*
Genome-wide identification and functional analysis of the TIFY gene family in response to drought in cotton Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2016,291(6):2173-2187 王彩香#,王倩华,张朝军,杨作仁,张雪妍*,李付广*
GhCaM7-like, a calcium sensor gene, influences cotton fiber elongation and biomass production Plant Physiology and Biochemistry,2016,109:128-136 鲁丽丽#,杨召恩,武芝霞,秦文强,李付广*,杨作仁*
TOR-inhibitor insensitive-1 (TRIN1) regulates cotyledons greening in Arabidopsis Frontiers in Plant Science,2015,6:861 张雪妍,李付广
Analysis of [Gossypium capitis-viridis × (G.hirsutum × G.australe)2] Trispecific Hybrid and Selected Characteristics PLoS One,2015,10(6):e0127023 陈弟#,张西岭*,李付广*
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