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High-Density Linkage Map Construction and Mapping of Salt-Tolerant QTLs at Seedling Stage in Upland Cotton Using Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) International Journal of Molecular Sciences,2017,18:2622 潘兆娥,何守朴,龚文芳,贾银华,杜雄明*
iTRAQ-Based Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Seedling Leaves of Two Upland Cotton Genotypes Differing in Salt Tolerance Frontiers in Plant Science,2017,8:2113 龚文芳#,孙君灵,彭振,何守朴,潘兆娥,杜雄明*
Association mapping analysis of fiber yield and quality traits in Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2017,292(6):1267-1280 何守朴,潘兆娥,孙君灵,杜雄明*
EcoTILLING revealed SNPs in GhSus genes that are associated with fiber- and seed-related traits in upland cotton Scientific Reports,2016,6:29250 孙君灵,杜雄明*
Genome-wide characterization and expression analysis of MYB transcription factors in Gossypium hirsutum BMC Genetics,2016,17:129 龚文芳, 何守朴, 孙君灵*,杜雄明*
Identification of thermotolerance candidate genes during early seedling stage in upland cotton revealed by comparative transcriptome analysis Acta Physiologiae Plantarum,2016,38:221 彭振,何守朴,龚文芳,孙君灵,潘兆娥,杜雄明*
Na+ compartmentalization related to salinity stress tolerance in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) seedlings

Scientific Reports,2016,6:34548

彭振#,何守朴#,孙君灵,潘兆娥,龚文芳,Yanli Lu*,杜雄明*
The Hairless Stem Phenotype of Cotton (Gossypium barbadense) Is Linked to a Copia-Like Retrotransposon Insertion in Homeodomain-Leucine Zipper Gene (HD1) Genetics,2015,201(1):143-154 叶武威#,杜雄明
MicroRNA and mRNA expression profiling analysis revealed the regulation of plant height in Gossypium hirsutum BMC Genomics,2015,16:886 龚文芳#,何守朴,潘兆娥,孙君灵*,杜雄明*
The Negative Correlation between Fiber Color and Quality Traits Revealed by QTL Analysis PLoS One,2015,10(6):e0129490 冯鸿杰#,郭丽雪#,孙君灵,潘兆娥,何守朴,朱荷琴,杜雄明*
Genome sequence of cultivated Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum TM-1) provides insights into genome evolution Nature Biotechnology,2015,33(5):524-530 李付广#,陆才瑞#,邹长松#,商海红#,马雄风#,吴建勇#,杨伟华,杜雄明,袁有禄,叶武威,张雪妍,魏恒玲,魏守军,崔金杰,宋国立,王坤波,喻树迅*
Comparison of the Transcriptome between Two Cotton Lines of Different Fiber Color and Quality PLoS One,2014,9(11):e112966 龚文芳,何守朴,孙君灵,潘兆娥,贾银华,杜雄明
Association Mapping for Epistasis and Environmental Interaction of Yield Traits in 323 Cotton Cultivars under 9 Different Environments PLoS One,2014,9(5):e95882 贾银华,孙君灵,潘兆娥,何守朴,周忠丽,庞保印,王立如,杜雄明
Molecular Diversity and Association Analysis of Drought and Salt Tolerance in Gossypium hirsutum L. Germplasm Journal of Integrative Agriculture,2014,13(9):1845-1853 贾银华,孙君灵,周忠丽,潘兆娥,何守朴,庞保印,王立如,杜雄明
Comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed genes and transcriptional regulation induced by salt stress in two contrasting cotton genotypes BMC Genomics,2014,15:760 何守朴,龚文芳,孙君灵,潘兆娥,杜雄明
FUNGAL DIVERSITY ASSOCIATED WITH VERTICILLIUM WILT OF COTTON Pakistan Journal of Botany,2014,46(4):1225-1236 孙君灵,何守朴,李志芳,杜雄明
Screeing of cotton germplasm for resistance to Verticillium dahlia Kleb. Under greenhouse and field conditions  European Journal of Plant Pathology,2013,137:259-272 孙君灵,何守朴,杜雄明
Identification and Characterization of Cotton Genes Involved in Fuzz-Fiber Development Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2013,55(7):619-630 贾银华,杜雄明*
Induction of cotton ovule culture fibre branching by co-expression of cotton BTL, cotton SIM, and Arabidopsis STI genes Journal of Experimental Botany,2013,64(14): 4157-4168 冯鸿杰,孙君灵, 杜雄明*
Effects of fiber wax and cellulose content on colored cotton fiber quality
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