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Dissecting Genetic Network of Fruit Branch Traits in Upland Cotton by Association Mapping Using SSR Markers PLoS One,2017,12(1):e0162815 于霁雯#,范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,裴文锋,喻树迅*
GhNAC18, a novel cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) NAC gene, is involved in leaf senescence and diverse stress responses African Journal of Biotechnology,2016,15(24),1233-1245
Identification and expression analysis of group III WRKY transcription factors in cotton Journal of Integrative Agriculture,2016,15(11):2469-2480 庞朝友,魏恒玲,宋美珍,范术丽,喻树迅*
GhNAC12, a neutral candidate gene, leads to early aging in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L) Gene,2016,576(2):268-274 范术丽,宋美珍,魏恒玲,庞朝友*,喻树迅*
Characterization and Functional Analysis of PEBP Family Genes in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) PLoS One,2016,11(8):e0161080 庞朝友,魏恒玲,王寒涛,宋美珍*,范术丽*,喻树迅*
Functional characterization of GhSOC1 and GhMADS42 homologs from upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Plant Science,2016,242:178-186 范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,魏恒玲,喻树迅*
High-density linkage map construction and QTL analysis for earliness-related traits in Gossypium hirsutum L. BMC Genomics,2016,17:909 庞朝友,魏恒玲,王寒涛,马启峰,宿俊吉,范术丽,宋美珍,喻树迅*
Identification of favorable SNP alleles and candidate genes for traits related to early maturity via GWAS in upland cotton BMC Genomics,2016,17:687 宿俊吉,庞朝友,魏恒玲,梁冰,王彩香,宋美珍,王寒涛,范术丽*,喻树迅*
Detection of favorable QTL alleles and candidate genes for lint percentage by GWAS in Chinese upland cotton Frontiers in Plant Science,2016,7:1576 宿俊吉,范术丽,魏恒玲,王彩香,王寒涛,宋美珍,庞朝友*,喻树迅*
Two genomic regions associated with fiber quality traits in Chinese upland cotton under apparent breeding selection Scientific Reports,2016,6:38496 宿俊吉,庞朝友,魏恒玲,王彩香,宋美珍,王寒涛,范术丽*,喻树迅*
iTRAQ-facilitated proteomic profiling of anthers from a photosensitive male sterile mutant and wild-type cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Journal of Proteomics,2015,126:68-81 刘记,庞朝友,魏恒玲,宋美珍,范术丽*,喻树迅*
Global analysis of the Gossypium hirsutum L. Transcriptome during leaf senescence by RNA-Seq BMC Plant Biology,2015,15:43 庞朝友,范术丽,宋美珍,魏恒玲,喻树迅*
Genome-wide analysis of the calcium-dependent protein kinase gene family in Gossypium raimondii Journal of Integrative Agriculture,2015,14(1):29-41 庞朝友,宋美珍,魏恒玲,范术丽,喻树迅*
Genome wide analysis of the family 1 glycosyltransferases in cotton Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2015,290:1805-1818 庞朝友,范术丽,宋美珍,于霁雯,魏恒玲,喻树迅*
Genomic organization, differential expression, and functional analysis of the SPL gene family in Gossypium hirsutum Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2015,290(1):115-126 庞朝友,宋美珍,魏恒玲,范术丽,喻树迅*
Genetic analysis of yield and yield-related traits in short-season cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Euphytica,2015,204:135–147 宋美珍,范术丽,庞朝友,魏恒玲,刘记,喻树迅*
Genetic analysis of fiber quality traits in short season cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Euphytica,2015,202:97-108 宋美珍,范术丽,庞朝友,魏恒玲,刘记,喻树迅*
Gene Expression Profiling in Shoot Apical Meristem of Gossypium hirsutum Russian Journal of Plant Physiology,2015,62(5):684-694 吴嫚,李建,范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,于霁雯*,喻树迅*
Proteomic analysis of anthers from wild-type and photosensitive genetic male sterile mutant cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) BMC Plant Biology,2014,14:390 庞朝友,魏恒玲,宋美珍,范术丽,喻树迅
Genome-wide analysis of the WRKY gene family in cotton Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2014,289:1103-1121 庞朝友,宋美珍,魏恒玲,范术丽,喻树迅
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