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A genome-wide identification and analysis of the DYW-deaminase genes in the pentatricopeptide repeat gene family in cotton (Gossypium spp.) PLoS One,2017,12(3):e0174201 张兵兵,郭立平,张学贤,戚廷香,王海林,唐会妮,乔秀琴,邢朝柱*,吴建勇*
Genome-wide comparative transcriptome analysis of CMS-D2 and its maintainer and restorer lines in upland cotton BMC Genomics,2017,18:454 吴建勇*,张兵兵,张学贤,郭立平,戚廷香,王海林,张金发,邢朝柱*
Development of InDel markers for the restorer gene Rf1, and assessment of their utility for marker-assisted selection in cotton


Development of a candidate gene marker for Rf1 based on a PPR gene in cytoplasmic male sterile CMS-D2 Upland cotton Molecular Breeding,2014,34:231-240 吴建勇,郭立平,戚廷香,王海林,唐会妮,邢朝柱
Molecular characterization of cytoplasmic male sterility conditioned by Gossypium harknessii cytoplasm (CMS-D2) in upland cotton Euhpytica,2011,181(1):17-29 吴建勇,戚廷香,郭立平,张金发,邢朝柱*
Comparative expression of miRNA genes and miRNA-based AFLP marker analysis in cultivated terraploid cottons

Journal of Plant Physiology,2011,168(8):824-830

Analysis of DNA methylation in cotton hybrids and their parents Molecular Biology,2008,42(2):169-178 赵云雷,喻树迅*,邢朝柱,范术丽,宋美珍
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