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Identification of candidate genes for fiber length quantitative trait loci through RNA-Seq and linkage and physical mapping in cotton BMC Genomics,2017,18:427 吴嫚,裴文锋,翟红红,于霁雯*,喻树迅*
A genome-wide analysis of the small auxin-up RNA (SAUR) gene family in cotton BMC Genomics,2017,18:815 吴嫚,裴文锋,翟红红,臧新山,李兴丽,喻树迅*,于霁雯*
A genome-wide analysis of the lysophosphatidate acyltransferase (LPAAT) gene family in cotton: organization,expression,sequence variation,and association with seed oil content and fiber quality BMC Genomics,2017,18:218 裴文锋,吴嫚,李海晶,李兴丽,喻树迅*,于霁雯*
Dissecting Genetic Network of Fruit Branch Traits in Upland Cotton by Association Mapping Using SSR Markers PLoS One,2017,12(1):e0162815 于霁雯#,范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,裴文锋,喻树迅*
Integrative transcriptome,proteome,phosphoproteome and genetic mapping reveals new aspects in a fiberless mutant of cotton Scientific Reports,2016,6:24485 马启峰,吴嫚,裴文锋,李兴丽,王文魁,张金发*,于霁雯*,喻树迅*
RNA-Seq-Mediated transcriptome analysis of a fiberless mutant cotton and its possible origin based on snp markers PLoS One,2016,11(3):e0151994 马启峰,吴嫚,裴文锋,翟红红,王文魁,李兴丽,张金发*,于霁雯*,喻树迅*
Breeding potential of introgression lines developed from interspecific crossing between Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) and Gossypium barbadense:Heterosis,combining ability and genetic effects PLoS One,2016,11(1):e0143646 张金发#*,吴嫚#,于霁雯#*,李兴丽,裴文锋
A comparative transcriptome analysis of two sets of backcross inbred lines differing in lint-yield derived from a Gossypium hirsutum × Gossypium barbadense population Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2016,291:1749-1767 吴嫚,裴文锋,于霁雯*,喻树迅*,张金发*
Genetic analysis of Verticillium wilt resistance in a backcross inbred line population and a meta-analysis of quantitative trait loci for disease resistance in cotton BMC Genomics,2015,16:577 于霁雯*,裴文峰,李兴丽
Genome wide analysis of the family 1 glycosyltransferases in cotton Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2015,290:1805-1818 庞朝友,范术丽,宋美珍,于霁雯,魏恒玲,喻树迅*
Gene Expression Profiling in Shoot Apical Meristem of Gossypium hirsutum Russian Journal of Plant Physiology,2015,62(5):684-694 吴嫚,李建,范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,于霁雯*,喻树迅*
Upland Cotton Gene GhFPF1 Confers Promotion of Flowering Time and Shade-Avoidance Responses in Arabidopsis thaliana PLoS One,2014,9(3):e91869 范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,魏恒玲,于霁雯,喻树迅
Quantitative phosphoproteomic profiling of fiber differentiation and initiation in a fiberless mutant of cotton BMC Genomics,2014,15:466 吴嫚,裴文锋, 李海晶,李兴丽,于霁雯,喻树迅
Comparative expression profiling of miRNA during anther development in genetic male sterile and wild type cotton BMC Plant Biology,2013,13:66 魏恒玲,吴嫚,宋美珍,于霁雯,范术丽,喻树迅
Mapping quantitative trait loci for lint yield and fiber quality across environments in a Gossypium hirsutum×Gossypium barbadense backcross inbred line population  Theoretical and Applied Genetics,2013,126:275-287 于霁雯,喻树迅,吴嫚,李兴丽,范术丽,宋美珍,杨代刚,李运海
Indentification of mitochondrial DNA sequence variation and development of single nucleotide polymorphic markers for CMS-D8 in cotton Theoretical and Applied Genetics,2013,126:1521-1529 于霁雯
RNA editing events in mitochondrial genes by ultra-deep sequencing methods :a comparison of cytoplasmic male sterile,fertile and restored genotypes in cotton Molecular Genetics and Genomics,2013,288:445-457 于霁雯
Identification of quantitative trait loci across interspecific F2,F2:3 and testcross populations for agronomic and fiber traits in tetraploid cotton Euphytica,2013,191:375-389 于霁雯,喻树迅,吴嫚,李兴丽,范术丽,宋美珍
High-density linkage map of cultivated allotertrapoid cotton based on SSR, TRAP, SRAP and AFLP markers Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2007,49(5):716-724 于霁雯,喻树迅*,陆才瑞,范术丽,宋美珍,张金发
Quantitative inheritance of leaf morphological traits in upland cotton Journal of Agricultural Science,2008,146(5):561-569 喻树迅*,范术丽,宋美珍,于霁雯
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