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Transcriptome analysis reveals long noncoding RNAs involved in fiber development in cotton (Gossypium arboreum) Science China Life Science,2016,59(2):164-171 王巧莲,陆才瑞,张友平,程海亮,宋国立*
Fine mapping and candidate gene analysis of the dominant glandless gene Gl2e in cotton (Gossypium spp.) Theoretical and Applied Genetics,2016,129:1347-1355 程海亮,陆才瑞,张友平,王巧莲,宋国立*
Development of chromosome-specific markers with high polymorphism for allotetraploid cotton based on genome-wide characterization of simple sequence repeats in diploid cottons (Gossypium arboreum L. and Gossypium raimondii Ulbrich) BMC Genomics,2015,16:55 陆才瑞,邹长松,张友平,程海亮,王巧莲,宋国立*
Genome sequence of cultivated Upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum TM-1) provides insights into genome evolution Nature Biotechnology,2015,33(5):524-530 李付广#,陆才瑞#,邹长松#,商海红#,马雄风#,吴建勇#,杨伟华,杜雄明,袁有禄,叶武威,张雪妍,魏恒玲,魏守军,崔金杰,宋国立,王坤波,喻树迅*
Genome sequence of the cultivated cotton Gossypium arboreum Nature Genetics,2014,46:567-572
李付广,王坤波,袁有禄,宋国立,陆才瑞,邹长松, 商海红,叶武威,张雪妍,魏恒玲,李志芳,刘坤,喻树迅
Genome-Wide Analysis of the Sus Gene Family in Cotton Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2013,55(7):643-653 邹长松,陆才瑞,商海红,张友平,宋国立
Uniqueness of the Gossypium mustelinum Genome Revealed by GISH and 45S rDNA FISH Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2013,55(7):654-662 刘方,黎绍惠,宋国立,王春英,张香娣,王玉红,王坤波
The draft genome of a diploid cotton Gossypium raimondii
Nature Genetics,2012,44:1098–1103
王坤波,李付广,叶武威,宋国立,商海红,邹长松,袁有禄,陆才瑞, 魏恒玲,张雪研,刘坤,喻树迅*
Primary investigation on GISH-NOR in cotton
Chinese Science Bulletin,2005,50(5):425-429
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