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AFLP-RGA markers in comparison with RGA and AFLP in cultivated tetraploid cotton Crop Science,2007,47(1):180-187 张金发*,袁有禄,喻树迅
High-density linkage map of cultivated allotertrapoid cotton based on SSR, TRAP, SRAP and AFLP markers Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2007,49(5):716-724 于霁雯,喻树迅*,陆才瑞,范术丽,宋美珍,张金发
Effectcts of salinity stress on cell division of G. hirsutum L. Irrigation Science,2007,128:9-18 叶武威,喻树迅*,庞念厂
Analysis of DNA methylation in cotton hybrids and their parents Molecular Biology,2008,42(2):169-178 赵云雷,喻树迅*,邢朝柱,范术丽,宋美珍
Inheritance of time of flowering in upland cotton under natural conditions Plant Breeding,2008,127(4):383-390 喻树迅*,范术丽,宋美珍
Quantitative inheritance of leaf morphological traits in upland cotton Journal of Agricultural Science,2008,146(5):561-569 喻树迅*,范术丽,宋美珍,于霁雯
Dissection of genetic effects of quantitative trait loci (QTL) in transgenic cotton Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2007,49(5):716-724 张永山,喻树迅*,郭香墨
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