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Quantitative Phosphoproteomics Analysis of Nitric Oxide-Responsive Phosphoproteins in Cotton Leaf PLoS One,2014,9(4):e94261 范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,魏恒玲,喻树迅
Upland Cotton Gene GhFPF1 Confers Promotion of Flowering Time and Shade-Avoidance Responses in Arabidopsis thaliana PLoS One,2014,9(3):e91869 范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,魏恒玲,于霁雯,喻树迅
Molecular cloning and functional analysis of NAC family genes associated with leaf senescence and stresses in Gossypium hirsutum L. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture,2014,117:167-186 庞朝友,范术丽,宋美珍,喻树迅
Analysis of MIKCC-Type MADS-Box Gene Family in Gossypium hirsutum Journal of Integrative Agriculture,2014,13(6):1239-1249 庞朝友,宋美珍,魏恒玲,范术丽,喻树迅
Genetic analysis of the antioxidant enzymes, methane dicarboxylic aldehyde (MDA) and chlorophyll content in leaves of the short season cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Euphytica,2014,198:153-162 宋美珍,范术丽,庞朝友,魏恒玲,喻树迅
Quantitative phosphoproteomic profiling of fiber differentiation and initiation in a fiberless mutant of cotton BMC Genomics,2014,15:466 吴嫚,裴文锋, 李海晶,李兴丽,于霁雯,喻树迅
Transcriptomic analysis of differentially expressed genes during anther development in genetic male sterile and wild type cotton by digital gene-expression profiling BMC Genomics,2013,14:97 宋美珍,范术丽,喻树迅
Comparative expression profiling of miRNA during anther development in genetic male sterile and wild type cotton BMC Plant Biology,2013,13:66 魏恒玲,吴嫚,宋美珍,于霁雯,范术丽,喻树迅
Selection and Characterization of a Novel Photoperiod-Sensitive Male Sterile Line in Upland Cotton Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2013,55(7):608-618 魏恒玲,宋美珍,庞朝友,王龙,范术丽,喻树迅
Molecular Cloning and Function Analysis of Two SQUAMOSA-Like MADS-Box Genes From Gossypium hirsutum L. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2013,55 (7):597-607 范术丽,庞朝友,魏恒玲,宋美珍,喻树迅
Generation and Analysis of a Large-Scale Expressed Sequence Tag Database from a Full-Length Enriched cDNA Library of Developing Leaves of Gossypium hirsutum L. PLoS One,2013,8(10):e76443 庞朝友,范术丽,宋美珍,喻树迅
Mapping quantitative trait loci for lint yield and fiber quality across environments in a Gossypium hirsutum×Gossypium barbadense backcross inbred line population  Theoretical and Applied Genetics,2013,126:275-287 于霁雯,喻树迅,吴嫚,李兴丽,范术丽,宋美珍,杨代刚,李运海
Cloning and characterization of a FLO/LFY ortholog in Gossypium hirsutum L. Plant Cell Reports,2013,32:1675-1686 范术丽,宋美珍,庞朝友,魏恒玲,喻树迅
Isolation and expression profiling of GhNAC transcription factor genes in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) during leaf senescence and in response to stresses Gene,2013,531:220-234 庞朝友,范术丽,宋美珍,喻树迅
Identification of quantitative trait loci across interspecific F2,F2:3 and testcross populations for agronomic and fiber traits in tetraploid cotton Euphytica,2013,191:375-389 于霁雯,喻树迅,吴嫚,李兴丽,范术丽,宋美珍
Analysis of decision-making coefficients of three main fiber quality traits for upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Euphytica,2013,194:25-40 范术丽,宋美珍, 庞朝友,喻树迅
The draft genome of a diploid cotton Gossypium raimondii
Nature Genetics,2012,44:1098–1103
王坤波,李付广,叶武威,宋国立,商海红,邹长松,袁有禄,陆才瑞, 魏恒玲,张雪研,刘坤,喻树迅*
A new approach to dissecting complex traits by combining quantitative trait transcript (QTT) mapping and diallel cross analysis
Chinese Science Bulletin,2012,57(21):2695-2700
Biochemical genetics of shot-season cotton cultivars that express early maturity without senescence Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2005,47(3):334-342 喻树迅*,宋美珍,范术丽,原日红
Identification of genes associated with cotyledon senescence in upland cotton Chinese Science Bulletin,2006,51(9):1085-1094 喻树迅*,范术丽
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