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Effects of flour extraction rate, added water, and salt on color and texture of Chinese white noodles Cereal Chemistry,2009,86(4):477-485

Ye Yili,Zhang Yan,Yan Jun阎俊,Zhang Yong,He Zhonghu*,Huang Sidi,Kenneth J Quail

QTL mapping for agronomic and fibre traits using two interspecific chromosome substitution lines of upland cotton
Plant Breeding,2009,128(6):671-679

Luan Mingbao,Guo Xiangmo郭香墨*,Zhang Yongshan张永山,Yao Jinbo姚金波,Chen Wei陈伟,

Effects of transgenic Bt+CpTI cotton on the growth and reproduction of earthworm Eisenia foetida
Frontiers in Bioscience,2009,4(1):4008-4014

Liu Biao*,Cui Jinjie崔金杰,Meng Jun,Hu Wenjun,Luo Junyu雒珺瑜,Zheng Yangping

Differential gene expression of cotton cultivar CCRI24 during somatic embryogenesis
Journal of Plant Physiology,2009,166(12):1275-1283

Wu Xiuming,Li Fuguang李付广*,Zhang Chaojun张朝军,Liu Chuanliang 刘传亮,Zhang Xueyan 张雪妍

Histological and ultrastructural observation reveals significant cellular differences between Agrobacterium transformed embryogenic and non-embryogenic calli of cotton
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology,2009,51(5):456-465

Shang Haihong商海红,Liu Chuanliang刘传亮,Zhang Chaojun张朝军,Li Fenglian李凤莲,Hong Weidong,Li Fuguang李付广*

Genetic diversity of colored cotton analyzed by simple sequence repeat markers International Journal of Plant Sciences,2009,170(1):76-82

Sun Donglei,Sun Junling孙君灵,Jia Yinhua贾银华,Ma Zhiying*,Du Xiongming杜雄明*

Co-expression and preferential interaction between two calcineurin B-Like proteins and a CBL-interacting protein kinase from cotton
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry,2008,46(10):935-940

Gao Peng,Zhao Piming,Wang Juan,Wang Haiyun,Du Xiongming杜雄明,Wang Guiling,Xia Guixian*

Cloning and Characterization of a CAP gene expressed in Gossypium arboreum fuzzless mutant Crop Science,2008,48(6):2314-2320

Wang Sheng,Zhao Guohong,Jia Yinhua贾银华,Du Xiongming杜雄明*

Fluctuation in levels of endogenous plant hormones in ovules of normal and mutant cotton during flowering and their relation to fiber development Journal of Plant Growth Regulation,1996,15(4):173-177

Chen J G*,Du Xiongming杜雄明,Zhao H Y,Zhou X

Levels of cytokinins in the ovules of cotton mutants with altered fiber development Journal of Plant Growth Regulation,1997,16(3):181-185

Chen J G,Du Xiongming杜雄明,Zhou X*,Zhao H Y

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