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A novel chemiluminescence sensor for sensitive detection of cholesterol based on the peroxidase-like activity of copper nanoclusters Scientific reports,2016,6:39157

Shuangjiao Xu徐双娇#,Yanqing Wang王延琴#,Dayun Zhou周大云,Meng Kuang匡猛,Dan Fang方丹,Weihua Yang杨伟华,Shoujun Wei魏守军*,Lei Ma马磊*

Simultaneous determination of six synthetic phenolic antioxidants in edible oils using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction followed by high performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection Journal of Separation Science,2016,39(16):3205-3211

Shuangjiao Xu徐双娇#,Liangliang Liu#,Yanqin Wang王延琴,Dayun Zhou周大云,Meng Kuang匡猛,Dan Fang方丹,Weihua Yang杨伟华,Shoujun Wei魏守军,Aiping Xiao,Lei Ma马磊*

Global analysis of the developmental dynamics of Gossypium hirsutum based on strand-specific transcriptome Physiologia Plantarum,2016,158:106-121

Lei Ma马磊#*,Yanqin Wang王延琴#,Gentu Yan严根土,Shoujun Wei魏守军,Dayun Zhou周大云,Meng Kuang匡猛,Dan Fang方丹,Shuangjiao Xu徐双娇,Weihua Yang杨伟华*

Preparation and properties of cotton stalk carbon/gold nanoparticles composite Journal of experimental nanoscience,2016,11(7):471-479

WenKun Zhu#,Meng Kuang匡猛#,Shoujun Wei魏守军,Tao Duan,Yanqin Wang王延琴,Dayun Zhou周大云,Lei Ma马磊,Dan Fang方丹,Jian Zhou,Weihua Yang杨伟华*

Bioethanol production from cotton stalk: a comparative study of various pretreatments Fuel,2016,184:527-532

Meixia Wang#,Dayun Zhou周大云#,Yanqin Wang王延琴,Shoujun Wei魏守军,Weihua Yang杨伟华,Meng Kuang匡猛,Lei Ma马磊,Dan Fang方丹,Shuangjiao Xu徐双娇,Shuang-kui Du*

Enzymatic saccharification of high pressure assist-alkali pretreated cotton stalk and structural characterization Carbohydrate Polymers,2016,140:279-286

Shuang-kui Du,Xia Su,Weihua Yang杨伟华,Yanqin Wang王延琴,Meng Kuang匡猛,Lei Ma马磊,Dan Fang方丹,Dayun Zhou周大云*

Development of a core set of SNP markers for the identification of upland cotton cultivars in China Journal of Integrative Agriculture,2016,15(5):954-962

KUANG Meng匡猛,WEI Shou-jun魏守军,WANG Yan-qin王延琴,ZHOU Da-yun周大云,MA Lei马磊,FANG Dan方丹,YANG Wei-hua杨伟华,MA Zhi-ying*

The PIN1 family gene PvPIN1 is involved in auxin-dependent root emergence and tillering in switchgrass Genetics and Molecular Biology,2016,39(1):62-72

Kaijie Xu徐开杰,Fengli Sun,Yongfeng Wang,Lili Shi,Shudong Liu,Yajun Xi

The Spodoptera exigua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) ABCC2 Mediates Cry1Ac Cytotoxicity and, in Conjunction with Cadherin, Contributes to Enhance Cry1Ca Toxicity in Sf9 Cells Journal of Economic Entomology,2016,109(6):2281-2289

Xiang-Liang Ren任相亮,Wei-Li Jiang姜伟丽,Ya-Jie Ma马亚杰,Hong-Yan Hu胡红岩,Xiao-Yan Ma马小艳,Yan Ma马艳*,Guo-Qing Li*

Complete mitochondrial genome of Aphis gossypii Glover (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Mitochondrial DNA Part A,2016,27(2):854-855

Shuai Zhang张帅,Junyu Luo雒珺瑜,Chunyi Wang王春义,Limin Lv吕丽敏,Chunhua Li李春花,Weili Jiang姜伟丽,Jinjie Cui崔金杰*,Lubna Bashir Rajput

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